COVID-19 Protocols

In accordance with recommendations from the CMS, CDC and CDPHE, Milestone Surgery Center is initiating the following protocols to help protect our patients, healthcare providers and community from COVID-19:

  • Physicians will schedule surgeries in advance to allow for appropriate screening
  • Patients will be screened both over the phone and at admission for symptoms and exposure risk.
  • Education will be provided, and patients are instructed to self-quarantine until day of surgery
  • If symptoms have appeared, exposure has occurred and/or the test is positive, then postpone surgery
  • Patients should wear home face masks to cover mouth and nose to facility
  • Precautionary protocols for anesthesia and peri-operative care followed day of surgery
  • Post op instructions to include continued self-monitoring and social distancing day of surgery
  • Scheduled cases will be staggered to facilitate social distancing
  • Patients in preop and recovery will be at least 6 feet apart
  • Visitors are limited and only one entrance is open for patients
  • All areas, including frequently touched surfaces, will be cleaned using EPA-registered disinfectants.
  • All staff will be monitored for symptoms and temperatures daily
  • All staff will self-monitor and report any changes
  • CDPHE will be notified of patients and/or staff with COVID-19 symptoms or positive test
  • Milestone Surgery Center is staying connected with CDPHE to know about COVID-19 in our community
  • Emphasize hand hygiene and cough etiquette for everyone.
  • For more information: